In 1959, five friends living in Marlborough created the Colonial Garden Club of Marlborough to share gardening knowledge and experiences with each other. When the membership base grew over the years, the club turned its attention to community service amidst its growing network of passionate gardeners.

Today, from discounts at local nurseries and garden centers and a wide range of gardening education opportunities, to feeling good about making Marlborough a better community, our members have a lot in common. Members form a rich network of gardeners of all ages who share the passion, enthusiasm and love of gardening only a gardener can appreciate. After 60+ years, the threads of friendship and camaraderie continue, woven through the educational programs, activities, field trips, newsletters and connections to state and national gardening associations.

Our meetings are open to the public, and are held the second Wednesday in September, October, November, February, March, April, & May. More...

In December and June our members gather for dinner to celebrate our friendships & accomplishments

In December & May we hold our major fundraising events, The Annual Pear Tree Boutique and our Annual Plant Sale, to support scholarships, city beautification, & horticultural education. More...

The Club is active in the community, such as maintaining planting sites around the City, including city entrances, behind City Hall, at Ghiloni Park, & at Women Veterans Park (Rt. 85). More...

We are creative while having fun! Check out the photos below to view some of our "make & take" meetings, workshops, social interest groups, and garden tours.

How can I become a Garden Club Member?

Membership is established after attending two club meetings, completion of a club membership application and payment of club dues for the current membership year. Club dues are $35 per year.

What are the benefits of being a club member?

  • Learning about gardening, botany, landscaping and conservation,

  • Joining an established club network of knowledgeable gardeners—and Member Master Gardeners.

  • Access to state and national educational and certification courses, programs and conferences

  • Learning more about the city of Marlborough and participating in its ongoing beautification.

The club is a service organization. What service to the community does each member provide?

Each club member attends monthly meetings, participates in the two fundraising events, the Annual Pear Tree Boutique and the Annual Plant Sale and works on a city garden team May-September. Members are encouraged to join a committee, social group and/or consider serving as a committee chair depending on each member’s interests.

Read more about the benefits of membership in the Marlborough Garden Club here...